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Review was submitted review by Sarunas Strasevicius Updated at: 16th of September, 2020

Airhelp.com was established in 2013, since then this flight compensation company managed to become a worldwide known claim company. This American flight compensation company grows fast – with almost over 500 employees became the largest flight claim company in the world. AirHelp’s mission is to spread information about air passenger rights widely and help passengers claim and get delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight compensation. AirHelp company is legitimate, registered as AirHelp Limited in Hong Kong. AirHelp Germany GmbH also provides service under AirHelp brand name. AirHelp is not a scam – this company operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. This flight compensation company works under the rule “no win, no fee” – the price you might have to pay for AirHelp service is percentage (25%) of your compensation amount plus 25% legal action fee to represent in court if the case will be taken to court and you will have to pay the fee only in case you win. There is more information provided in AirHelp review below. If you are searching for AirHelp alternative company, check the reviews of these best flight claim companies from our TOP5: Skycop, Ifdelayed, Claimcompass or Flight-Delayed.co.uk.

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Customer reviews

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Airhelp.com is the best and well-known flight compensation company in the world. This company does their best to spread information about air passenger rights widely and help passengers get delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight compensation. Claimers may fill AirHelp flight delay claim form on their website or in their app. AirHelp has recently added additional flight insurance service called AirHelp+.

Customer Support

Airhelp.com customer support is high quality while customer service instantly responds to flight claims and it is provided in 15 languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Romanian. Furthermore, AirHelp customer service is personalized – each customer is treated personally with relevant feedback rather than an automated answer. Support is provided on AirHelp website, you may also contact them on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter). Customers will find FAQ section, phone number, email on airhelp.com or may contact them by website live chat.


You may fill AirHelp flight delay claim form on their website or in their app. Concerning AirHelp customer experience, airhelp.com website and app offer very useful features, such as intuitive and user-friendly online claim form. AirHelp website is truly easiest to use compared to other companies websites. Furthermore, customers can log in and check their claim status online. Additionally, few more tools are provided for customers on airhelp.com website – the annual best airline ranking, the list of worst airlines, airports ratings, information about airline passenger rights etc. However, customers might find a little inconvenient to register using email address while filling a flight claim form. Besides flight delay compensation service, AirHelp has recently added an additional flight insurance service called AirHelp+. You may also use AirHelp service to help you in claiming delayed, damaged or lost baggage compensation.


Flight compensation company AirHelp provides all its activity details to the public. Airhelp.com website encrypts all the customer data and complies with the cookie and GDPR policy. AirHelp really deserves the name of the most credible and financially stable flight compensation company. Furthermore, this airline compensation company is very active on social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. Lot’s of topics and feedback about AirHelp is provided by customers on Reddit and Tripadvisor forums. AirHelp TrustPilot rating is 9,3, however, customers, who claim flight refund, are not allowed to rate the company on Facebook.

Privacy & security features Shorter plans are expensive
Download (and upload) VPN speeds No kill switch for iOS or Android
Logging policy, IP leak protection & jurisdiction Firestick app design needs improving
Streaming (Netflix) & torrenting availability Responded late and poorly to a 2018 server breach

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